But, I have no choice. Michael Vick wants a dog – a pet dog – to run around his house. A pup he can play with, love, care for.

Would you let this guy near your dog?

For crying out loud! Do people really believe this guy?

The Eagles quarterback said in a video interview this week that he genuinely cares for animals and one day hopes to have a dog as a household pet. Vick says it would a “big step” in his rehabilitation process.

Vick served 18 months in prison after being convicted in 2007. The federal judge overseeing the case also prohibited him from ever owning another dog.

If you believe that 18 months in prison entitles Vick to have a dog, I would like you to read these court documents that were just released to WSBTV.

WARNING…the contents of this document are graphic in nature.


Heard enough?

Here’s a piece I wrote last year.


Semper Fido,